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What is hollow glass microspheres ?

High performance hollow glass microsphere  are high-strength, low-density additives made from water resistant and chemically-stable soda-lime-borosilicate glass & hollow spherical powdered ultralight inorganic nonmetallic materials.And it is a versatile and new materials developed in recent years. It will be the new composite mainstream materials at twenty-first century. Its true density is 0.15-0.60g/cm3 with 2-130μm in partcle diameter. It owns features...

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Hollow Glass Microspheres HN40

High-performance hollow glass microspheres is a kind of ultra-lightweight inorganic non-metallic materials (powder) with hollow structure, and it is a versatile and new materials developed in recent years. It will be the new composite mainstream materials at twenty-first century. Its true density is 0.20-0.60g/cm3 with 2-120 um in diameter. It owns features with lightweight, large bulky, low thermal conductivity , high compressive strength , smoothly mobility etc…


1 Improving flow properties.

Hollow glass microspheres is a tiny sphere with high ball-type rate. Its ball-bearing effect can improve its mobility and reduce the viscosity and internal stress of resin mixture . Therefore, during processing, less heat is produced in composite materials so as to prevent inadequate lubrication and partial thermal decomposition, It is more likely to extrude when molding, which can not only reduce defects in products, but also improve the production efficiency by 15%-20%.

2 More substitute ability for resin

Hollow glass microspheres occupy less surface area, low oil-absorption rate, and evenly disperse in mixture. Its easy compression and integration permit high filler loading. It significantly reduces the consumption of resins, increases the amount of filler, and effectively reduces VOC indicators, and costs as well.

3 Low shrinkage and warpage.

Hollow glass microspheres have the feature of isotropism and high-filling, hence the dimensional stability of the product will be very high and it will reduce the shrinkage and warpage. With an appropriate filling ratio, the toughness of the products, impact-resistance and surface hardness can be significantly improved.

4 More economical by volume.

The density of high-performance hollow glass microspheres is only a fraction of that of the resin. A small amount of hollow glass microspheres will be able to replace heavier materials. When considering the cost per unit volume, rather than cost per unit weight, high-performance hollow glass microspheres can significantly reduce cost.

5 Adjusting the density of products

The density of hollow glass microspheres is usually 0.20~0.60g/m3, and the density of mineral filler is generally around 2.7~4.4g/m3 (The data adopted is the true particle density). In order to obtain the equal size, 14 kilograms or more of talc must be used to obtain the same effect of 1kg of hollow glass microsphere. Hence the desired ideal density can be obtained by adding appropriate proportions of hollow glass microspheres.



Color and Shape

True Density g/cm3

Bulk Density g/cm3

Crush Strength MPa

Crush Strength PSI

Particle Size μm

Rate of Floating %

Application recommended




Soda-lime borosilicate glass

White rigid sphere








With special surface treatment and widely used in composites

Application: Used in thermal insulation coatings,artificial stone,repair putty,adhensive(aviation),ceramic mortar,tooling plate,polyurethane injection,SMC(BMC),plastic(thermosetting,thermoplastic),injection molding or extrusion,the bowling ball core,synthetic foam,oil cement,deep sea thermal insulation pipe,buoy material and other products.

Storage and Handling:

Our products are easy to transport and store. The high-performance hollow glass microspheres produced by our company can be packaged with plastic boxes or texture bags and it can be transported in bulk by various ways. Packaging weight depends on the density level of the hollow glass microspheres and the actual needs from ustomers.
In order to extend the storage time , it should avoid humid environment, and be stored in a cool and dry place. After opened, the bag should be firmly resealed. If the package is damaged during the process of shipment and storage, the damaged bag should be replaced by a new one in time.
Since hollow glass microspheres are ultra-fine powder with medium alkaline,it will stimulate the respiratory tracts,if the hollow glass microspheres exposure in air long time, So you should wear a qualified mask or respirator.

In addition: We will provide a separate package to introducing our products in details, and sufficient test samples for you.

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