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Effect of Content of Hollow Glass Microsphere on Forming and Properties of Resin-Based Composite Material

Composites with 21% - 62% (wt%) hollow glass microspheres were synthesized by molded forming and injection forming. Properties, microstructure and the behavior of mixture were detailed tested. Results showed that the content of hollow glass microsphere had a great effect on the behavior of mixture, and the mixture of the different microspheres content can be roughly classified into four states according to the viscosity, which were flow state (21% - 35%), stagnant state (36% - 45%), plastic-mud state (46% - 55%) and powder-grain state (56% - 62%). Mixture in stagnant state was conducive for preparation of high-strength, low-density composite material, while there existed numbers of stomata through the composite material for those in plastic-mud state and powder-grain state, which could reduce the density of material, but would sharply increase the water absorption.


synthetic foam is new excellent performance composite materials which dispersed inside LDPE or filled with thin thickness HGM , that has been widely applied in Aerospace,Marine,deepsea detection, national secure defense, building, chemicals, metallurgy..etc.


As a kind of excellent lightweight materials, Its foam structure composed of filler HGM and epoxy resin(stable mechnical perperties). So synthetic foam will be incomparably advantages over conventional foam plastics such as controllable density,high strength, high modulus as well as good thermal insulation ..etc.


By two different ways we prepare many sample composite foams with different mass fraction of HGM % to detect the effect on composite molding and performance by test for density,machnical property , water absorption rate,SEC..etc.             


1. Test Result

1.1. Fluidity and Viscosity Test of HGM

Sample : HGM ( produced by Hainuo Technology ) Model# HN60, particle size : 10~50 μm

  Wall Thickness : 1μm(Figure 1), Density : 0.42 g/cm3 ,Hydrostatic strength: 8000PSI(55MPa)

From the above figure shows that :mixture will appear different forms as follows:

Mass fraction of HGM % at

21%~35%  Flowing

38%~45%  Stagnation

47%~55%  Plastic clay

58%~62%  Powderly particle

Viscosity Test from Figure 2 shows : viscosity of mixture of HGM content % at

21%~29%  viscosity value keep less than 10 Pa·s , due to good flow for mxture.

29%~35% mass fraction of HGM % added ,viscosity will appear significantly uptrend. When HGM content come up to 38% , the viscosity of mixture bascially is viscous flow., viscosity value reach 88Pa·s. if over 38% mass fraction of HGM added ,The visosity value cannot be accurately measured .



2. HGM content effect on mechnical property and water absorption rate 

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